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Deal Advisory & Capital


We partner with businesses and investors with complex requirements and source capital solutions.

Newbrook was founded with a vision to give all Kiwi SMEs access to world class, fit for purpose advisory services for Capital and Growth, our mission is to enable better access to the private capital markets for ambitious Kiwi companies.

With a diverse background in accounting, finance, technology & venture capital the team are uniquely positioned to source investment funds from both domestic and international investors and, as investors ourselves, we always take a long-term view with our clients.


Services designed to give SMEs the tools and advice they need to raise capital and move their business forward.


Newbrook advises on proposed restructures of capital for growth and turnaround situations. We have expertise in complex situations to help companies pivot, adapt or refinance existing debt obligations to more favorable terms.


Valuations on businesses are tricky, particularly when it comes to equity value in a private entity for the purposes of divestment or capital raising. Newbrook uses a variety of methods to assist in adopting a fair value based on the transaction and parties involved.

Financial Modelling

Customised financial modelling including P&L and Balance Sheet with cash-flow to run multiple scenarios for a business seeking to understand its financial levers better.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Purchasing or selling a business takes time and preparation requiring understanding different aspects from both the buy and sell side. Our M&A experts have real-life experience working in business through both sides of the transaction and can help guide and facilitate this process.

Capital Solutions

For bigger rounds and more complex needs our tailored solutions help you achieve your goals

Capital Raising

Raising capital can be a complicated undertaking, with there being multiple avenues to source capital from. Newbrook specialises in structuring deals and utilising our private network of investors and funds to source the right capital for your needs.

Debt Finance

Debt finance is a great option for companies with established cash-flows or not needing equity-based capital. Business finance differs from each provider in respect to terms, price, and security needed.

Venture Debt

Venture debt is a hybrid product of both debt and equity to fund companies prior to a round, or shortly thereafter, to maximise runway for Founders.

Property Finance

Advisory, modelling and sourcing of structured finance for property developments. Additionally, we also have access to private markets to source mezzanine and equity solutions.

Finance on demand
Find out how much you need to move forward

Using our AI we can assist SME’s to understand what funding they need to move forward and then automate the application to get the best deal from multiple funders.

The Business Fitness Test
Identify the key areas in need of growth in your business

Specifically designed for Kiwi SMEs the Newbrook Small Business Warrant of Fitness Test takes just 7 minutes and will help you identify any blind spots, inefficiencies and key areas in need of growth in your business.

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